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Due to my ADHD, I tend to jump from project to project. With that said, I thought it might be helpful if I actually created a table of sorts to let you, my readers, have an idea of what I'm currently working on and my approximate level of completion I'm at for each one. That way, you'll have an idea of when your favorite series will have its next update.


Also, because of the way I work, I feel I should

point out that my outlining phase and my first draft phase tend to overlap. I'm what NaNoWriMo's site labels a plantser. I plan up to a point, then start pantsing my way through the first draft, updating my outline when I happen to get stuck. So keep that in mind with these updates.


With that in mind, enjoy.

Research Phase
  • Syphon 2: I'm studying up on different mythologies for inclusion into the Fractured Realms universe.
First Draft
  • Tempest: ~5%
  • Guardians of the Fractured Realms series
    • Jacked (WIP title): 0%
    • Syphon book 2: < 5%
  • Emergence: ~75%
  • Hidden Isle: ~10%
  • Nibiru Rising series
    • Hidden Potential: Book 1 - 100%
    • Stormfront: Book 2 - 100%
    • Kinetic Reaction: Book 3 - 100%
Outline Phase
  • Tempest: Several chapters in. Placed on hold until I finish this years (2016) NaNoWriMo challenge. Around 80%
  • Guardians of the Fractured Realms series
    • Jacked: Short story/Novella around 80%
    • Syphon 2: Probably at 5% completion. Dependent on research.
  • Nibiru Rising series
    • Zero point Book 4 - 25%
    • Quantum Entanglement Book 5 - Not started
    • Ingress Book 6 - Not started
  • Nibiru Rising Series - I plan to start working on revisions once I have the first drafts for books 1 - 3 done. I'm figuring that will let me build in some extra layers and foreshadowing to the series.
    • Hidden Potential: 100%
    • Stormfront: 100%
    • Kinetic Reaction: 5%