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Blast through writer’s block and become more creative as a side effect!


Have you ever wondered how some writers can just sit down and start writing effortlessly while you struggle with every word and line? Does their advice of, "Just sit down and write," just aggravate the heck out of you because it seems meaningless? Are you tired of being told that you're just procrastinating, being lazy, lack willpower, or that it's just, "all in your head?" Well, it is... it's just not what you think.


In this book:


  • Learn why writer's block isn't just a case of procrastination or lack of willpower, but the frequency your brain is currently functioning at
  • Develop the ability to focus and concentrate as well as an ancient monk without needing to live at a monastery
  • Learn how a simple technique, using an audio recorder, can help you break out of the corner you've accidentally written yourself into with your story
  • Discover one of the easiest ways to create an outline for nonfiction reports and books
  • Learn how to tap into your bottomless well of creativity effortlessly, breaking down the wall between you and your muse
  • How to organize your research materials, allowing you to see hidden connections between seemingly unrelated information
  • Find out why the adage of, "write every day," actually works and how to actually increase the effectiveness of this habit


Why haven't you seen this information before?


This information isn't new. It's actually been around for a long time. It's just not something the average writer would research. This information comes from the field of accelerative learning.


Accelerative learning is a field of research that probes how to help people learn information faster, remember it longer, and synthesize in in ways that might not have been done before. A lot of the tools, techniques, and technologies used in this field help unlock your creativity at will.

Learning how your brain actually functions allows you to break through your writer's block, unlocking your creativity as a result. By the end of this book, you'll have all the tools and information needed to overcome writer's block, sometimes within minutes, and become more creative than you ever thought possible.