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Everyone knows that what you put into a martial art is what you get out of it, but nobody ever seems to ask what you want out of a martial art to help you determine what you’re willing to put into it. A lot of people who would greatly enjoy and benefit from training in the martial arts are turned off because they picked the first style they came across at the local strip mall instead of really thinking about their reasons why they would want to take a style.


This is the only book on the Kindle marketplace that covers this information.


I wrote this book because everyone I met that learned I was into the martial arts always seemed to ask the same questions, like what’s the best one (depends on what you want to accomplish), or how good is such and such style, ( for what? Self defense or getting in shape?). After seeing these patterns and realized I went through the same questions, albeit a more abbreviated and quicker version, I decided to see if there was anything out there to answer these questions that I could refer someone to. After a few fruitless hours searching for different ways to ask this question on the Kindle ™, I realized that if I wanted something to address these questions, I needed to write it myself.


Every book I had come across always talked about how their style was the best, but never really said what they were the best for. Were they the best style to get in good physical shape with, best for defending yourself with, for competition, or something else?


What I hope to help you with is determining what you want out of a martial art style first, then determining where you are physically, then finally where you are mentally. From this framework, I hope to provide you a good framework to evaluate a martial art to determine if it’s going to be one that you’re going to enjoy taking and want to advance in it for years to come.


This isn’t a book about what the best style is, because nobody can answer that. A style that’s

good at self defense might not be good in a sporting aspect since self defense doesn’t have rules, where a sporting event does.


This work is 13,769 words in length and made with the finest free range electrons available.