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Syphon Book Cover

After their last mission, Rick wonders if he made a mistake joining Project Endpoint. Between them struggling to mesh as a team, and his vastly increased powers, he can’t help but question if he’s made the right choice.


Their next mission could either make or break them as they’re sent to investigate rumors of a possible mutant capable of controlling the weather. With the naivety of an untested teammate and a team leader that he discovers is new to the position is adding to Rick’s doubts.


With new powers he’s trying to understand through the help of a woman who haunts his dreams, a woman that may or may not be real, Rick is also beginning to doubt his own sanity.


Lives are on the line, including their own, and they need to pull together as a team before they themselves become victims of the mutant bent on their destruction. A mutant quite possibly more powerful than himself.




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